What is the Platform's Main Objective?

The CAMCCO-L platform aims to provide training in English and French that complements the disciplinary academic training offered in universities by creating a virtual training environment that supports the development of skills essential to translational and transectorial research as well as interdisciplinary collaboration in perinatal research on medications.

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Our Training

CAMCCO-L is a new transdisciplinary virtual learning model offered at no cost that will help develop leaders in perinatal research on medications who will be then able to meet the complex interdisciplinary challenges of the current environment of this field of research.

The training environment offered on CAMCCO-L consists of:

As part of the CAMCCO-L training, selected trainees will also have the opportunity to participate in a Summer School on Drug Development and complete a research internship.

CAMCCO-L training offered at no cost offers two track options


Online Courses

All online courses will be available at no cost to those registered on CAMCCO-L platform.

Online courses offered on CAMCCO-L will be given live weekly (synchronous) via the CAMCCO-L Member Area.

After each course, the presentations and recordings of the majority of courses will be accessible in the archives of the CAMCCO-L Member Area to those registered for the courses.

Depending on the teaching language, a translation by subtitles in English or French will be offered for the recordings of all archived courses.

It will be possible to take the courses in any specific order, however, courses in some modules may be prerequisites for subsequent courses in the module.

How do I register for a course to attend it or view its archived material?


Create a CAMCCO-L account


Go to your Member Area


Select the course you wish to register for

To access the archived material of a course, you must have registered for the course in your Member Area.

CAMCCO-L offers a transdisciplinary virtual learning approach based on 6 course modules

Calendar 2023-2024 (PDF)

In addition to the online courses, CAMCCO-L training offers a series of webinars aimed at developing cross-disciplinary skills in order to facilitate the professional integration of trainees from a multidisciplinary perspective.

Summer School

The Summer School on Drug Development

The first face-to-face event of CAMCCO-L annual cohorts.
  • Since 2009, it is a week-long event that takes place in late June - early July each year.
  • A unique 50-hour program covering the entire continuum of research & development as well as drug commercialization.
  • Courses taught by an international faculty from the academic, industrial and government regulatory communities.
  • The Summer School is a collaboration between the University of Montreal, the University of Barcelona, the University Paul-Sabatier of Toulouse and the University of São Paolo
  • Through the partnership between CAMCCO-L and the Summer School, a specific training day on medications and pregnancy is now incorporated into the Summer School (lecture and case study session).

The next Summer School will take place from June 29 to July 5, 2024 at the Ribeirão Preto Medical School of the University of São Paulo in Brazil.

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Mitacs Internship (Accelerate Program)

In collaboration with Mitacs and our partners in Canada, the United States and France, CAMCCO-L offers the opportunity to complete a 4 to 6-month practical internship in research.

People wishing to apply for an internship within the Mitacs Accelerate Program can also apply for a Mitacs bursary.

About Mitacs
Mitacs is a national non-profit organization that supports research and training programs in Canada. Its Accelerate Program provides matching funds to support research partnerships between a research student, an academic researcher, and a collaborative company.
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